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                                                     Jigawa State Institute of Information Technology (JSIIT) 

Welcome to our official website of Jigawa State Institute of Information Technology (JSIIT) also known as Kazaure Informatics.

Historical Background:
The Institute was established in the Year 2000 as Informatics Institute under a franchise arrangement with Informatics Education Ltd. Singapore, to focus on delivering world-class quality training in the area of Information and Communication Technology to the citizens of Jigawa State in particular and Nigeria in general.

Since inception, the Institute has had an overwhelming response from young Nigerians aspiring to receive their education in information technology. Over the years, the Institute trained over six thousand (6,000) students from Nigeria and the neighboring countries at the levels of International Diploma and Advance Diploma in computing respectively.
In view of the above, the present administration under the leadership of Governor Sule Lamido has launched an overseas scholarship program to identify and grant promising Nigerians of Jigawa State origin an opportunity in their academic pursuits to complete up to the Bachelor of Science degree in computing in Singapore. More than100 Students are currently in Singapore to benefit from this programme. From inception, the Institute started Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) from 2002 to 2004 after which the franchisor (Informatics Holdings Ltd. Singapore) changed the programme to International Diploma in Computing and International Advance Diploma in Computing IDIC and IADIC respectively.


By the year 2007, the Institute was running the following courses: International Diploma in Computing (IDIC) International Advanced Diploma in Computing (IADIC)Cable Technology (C-Tech) – A Certified Instructorship Certified Cable Networking Administrator (CCNA) Oracle Certificate in Computer Application and Online Degree. (Portsmouth and Wales Universities) The Cable Technology (C-Tech) Programme was introduced under another franchise arrangement with C-Tech Associates New jersey, USA late 2006 at which two staff were trained in America as the First Certified Instructors in Copper, Fibre Optic Cablings and Integrated Voice and Messaging. While early 2007 a set of 40 additional Certified Instructors were trained here in Nigeria at Kazaure by two C- Tech officials from America, which paved away for further training to date. Over 200 Certified Instructors have so far been trained in copper cabling, Fibre Optic Cabling and Voice and Messaging. The Institute has a C-Tech laboratory set up with all the required facilities equivalent to that of New Jersey in America. From inception in 2006 to date, the C-Tech has produced employees and potential candidates for GSM Companies in Nigeria.

In November 2007 a committee was set up to review the status of the Institute so as to place it at par with similar tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Consequently, a law formally establishing the Institute was enacted as law number10, of 2008, a Governing Council was inaugurated on Monday 12th November, 2007 and a proper management structure put in place with the appointment of a Rector, Registrar, and some Directors, while other principal officers are in the process of being appointed.


In 2008, the Jigawa State Government launched an overseas scholarship programme to identify and grant promising Nigerians of Jigawa State origin opportunity in their academic pursuits to complete Bachelor of Science degree in computing in Singapore.
By the year 2007, the Institute was running the following courses:
          A)    Foundation Certificate for Higher Education (FCHE)
          B)    International Diploma in Computing (IDIC)
          C)    International Advance Diploma in Computing (IADIC )
          D)    Cable Technology (C-Tech) a Certified Instructorship
          E)    Certified Cable Networking Administrator (CCNA)
          F)    Oracle Certificate
          G)   Certificate in Computer Application and 

          H)   Online Degree. (Portsmouth and Wales Universities)

In September 2015, Certificate In Foundation Skills (CIFS) a new programme was introduced to replace Foundation Course for Higher Education (FCHE), with three core modules skills(Technology. Numeracy and Literacy). 

In 2017, preparations have been in the pipeline to mount more ND and NID Programmes in the following areas:


The Governing Council

The Governing Council is responsible for the general management of the Institute. Membership consists of representatives of the State Government from Ministries of Justice and Education, Establishment Directorate, National Board for Technical Education and State Government nominees from the outside community.


In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.
The unique Information Technology Institute was established by Jigawa State in the 2000 under the license of Informatics Academy, Singapore, with a view to train and produce IT graduates that would reposition the State and Nigeria as a whole in the scheme of affaire. The institute provides every platform for..
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The Academic Board

The Academic BoardIs responsible for the general direction and management of academic matters including regulation of admission, examination and any other subject referred to it from time to time by the Council. Membership consists of the Rector, Registrar, Institute Librarian, Director Academic Planning, Heads of Academic Departments, Examination Officer, Dean Students’ affairs, and a representative of the congregation.

The CongregationThe congregation consists of all members of the academic staff and all members of the administrative, professional and technical staff holding at least first degrees from recognized institutions.

The Management CommitteeThe committee deals with the issues of policy making at the management level.