C-TECH: This means Cable Technology. It is a “short term training for long term career”. 

About The Programme:

This is a course designed to provide students with requisite knowledge and skills necessary to secure positions as “Voice Communication Professionals” and to become a “Network Cabling Specialist” with a concentration in Copper Based System and Fiber Optics. The course covers three areas of certifications in modules as outlined below:

  1. Integrated System Voice and Messaging (ISVM).
  2. Introduction to Network Cabling Copper based system.
  3. Introduction to Network Cabling Fiber Optic Based System. 

On successful completion of this course, students would be able to Install, Program, Test, Terminate, and troubleshoot any key switch/ Voice mail Systems as well as Network Copper Wiring Cabling System. 

Programme Focus:

The programme focus is to develop the foundation skills that will prepare the student to enter the broad arena of job sites. All aspects of the curriculum are in accordance with the standards established by Electronics Industry Association (EIA) and the Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA) of the U.S.A. 

Pre- Requisites:

As determined by the certified Training Facilities, the Copper Based Systems or similar experience is pre-requisite to Fiber Optics as well as Integrated Systems Voice Messaging (ISVM). 


After successful completion of the courses, certificates will be issued to students from C-Tech Associates, Inc. U.S.A. 


The course duration for the three modules is six (6) months. 

Entry Requirements:

Any educational qualification above Secondary School level Higher Certificates are of added advantage.