Jigawa State Institute of Information Technology, Kazaure (Informatics) Lunch "Maiden Edition of Kazaure Journal of Science Technology and Humanities (KAJOSTEH)"

The Jigawa State Institute of Information Technology, Kazaure (Informatics) produced maiden edition of Journal of Science and Technology (KAJOSTEH) in 2019. The Journal which is a composition of article from different scholars from academia within and out site the Institute environment,

in the area of Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology, Humanities and other related field of knowledge. The Editorial Board of the Journal are the staff of the Institute which include the Rector Professor Babawuro Usman as Editor-In-Chief and Institute Librarian Dr. Ibrahim Idi Ahmad as Managing Editor and five other members from various departments. 


Today, there is virtually e-everything; e-mail, e-commerce, e-learning, e-government, etc. It was in response to this global trend that the Jigawa State Government of Nigeria pioneered the establishment of Informatics Institute under a franchise agreement.

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Kazaure, town and traditional emirate in Jigawa state, northern Nigeria. The town has been the emirate’s headquarters since 1819. It was founded by Dan Tunku, a Fulani warrior who was one of the 14 flag bearers for the Fulani jihad (holy war) leader Usman dan Fodio.